The Fountain Valley Police department is situated along Slater Ave. Like any other big city, Fountain Valley Police Department deals with new crime-related cases every week. Numerous people find themselves in the Orange County Main Jail for crimes they are accused of committing. There are various forms of crimes that may lead to an arrest; they include domestic violence, auto theft, possession of drugs, robberies, murders, assaults and many others. The booking process takes time because of the many cases reported everyday and this can make bailing out take hours. However, our Fountain Valley bail bondsmen act fast once you call us and you have been cleared to get a bail.

Our agents are experienced and always ready to begin the procedure and complete it within an hour. Most people fill out the necessary paperwork and meet with our agent possibly at the Fountain Valley Police Department because this is usually the closest and safest place to meet. Our clients do not have to wait long after the bail bond is turned in. They are released fast ending the nightmare within a short time. The Orange County Central Jail Complex is safe for inmates, but it cannot provide your home’s comfort. This is the main reason that makes us hurry to meet our clients and quicken the bailing process.

We have a local office in Fountain Valley and therefore, it does not take long for one of our local agents to get to the police station or to the jail. Our forms are straightforward and we can fill them over a phone call and through an email or fax. It means you reach someone to help you very fast. Your call will be answered by a live agent, not an answering machine. Our services are exclusive and we ensure our customers get only the best services, discreetly and confidentially. We even provide bail bonds services with a zero percent down-payment and allow you to pay later. In most cases, in fact over 95% of them, we do not require any collateral and simply do what we call a signature bond. All this is done to make the whole process fast and simple.

If you need to bail out in Fountain Valley, CA you can us at 714-733-1022. It is advisable to call us as soon as you can so that we may post the bond as soon as possible. In some cases, some inmates are transferred to other jails and we can stop this on time and prevent possible delays. We usually call the jail and notify them that we intend to bail out a particular person.

We have the experience required for this process. We assure you quality services without unnecessary delays. Our company has built an excellent reputation over the years. Our services are available any time of the day and you can us a direct, no middle man involved, and have things done fast and efficiently. We have worked in Fountain Valley for a long time and have successfully bailed hundreds of people in Orange County.

Regardless of your case or the bail amount, you can trust us to get you out of jail in a professional and swift way. Spare yourself the stress that comes with an arrest by police and contact us on now; we help get your freedom in no time.

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